Azure, it's cool and easy!

We have all heard the hype and noise around Azure landing in South Africa, we asked Britehouse’s MD of Services and Solutions for Microsoft, Jimi Lutz, to share his knowledge and insights into his love for coding and Azure.

I have been managing software developers for over 20 years and as such, never get much time to actually write code. I love it, the unbridled finality of logic appeals to the idealist in me. I left writing code and moved into managing software as I was frustrated by the things that inhibited me:

People's opinions of what was possible
Business priorities constantly shifting and tossing away all my good work
The speed of IT governance and controls
Access to the infrastructure required to unleash my creative spirit

I still get to dabble a little on the weekends and in the evenings but it is more a hobby nowadays. Sometimes, one of my teams will have a particularly thorny problem, I then suspend meetings and dive into writing some code. Alas, only about three of my endeavors are still to be seen in the wild.

When I get the chance to write code, it is only for a very short time and whatever I have created needs to get deployed or be relegated.

That's why I love Azure. I can create software and deploy it almost instantaneously to the world. I get the skeleton of what I want to create, flesh it out on my PC and then commit it to cloud source control (this bit is important as I pick up a few minutes here or there to add or change it from a variety of devices - like any self-respecting geek would do). Once I am happy with the logic, I just run it through a few scripts to test it, and deploy the infrastructure and services I need. I haven't got time to get servers provisioned and skilled people to do things like check security and networks.

Back in the 90's, I used open source libraries to extend the software I was writing but it always involved lots of recompilation and careful attention to versioning. I spent most of my time with the plumbing-in of software that had previously been created by other very smart people.

With Azure I don't need to worry about infrastructure, I can distil it into code and deploy it as I like. Security and networking is taken care of by best practices, wizards and AI advisors. If I want services, I either access public APIs or just provision them from the marketplace.

I can now spend my time dreaming, creating the possible and seeing software work.

Jimi Lutz
Britehouse Managing Director of Services and Solutions for Microsoft