Private Cloud

Giving fully-managed private cloud expert services to companies that need to complete their journey.

​​​​Oracle SuperCluster

Our private cloud services cannot be beaten:

  • Extreme Performance with the best system for enterprise application consolidation
  • Exceptional reliability with the best system for enterprise private cloud infrastructure
  • Zero-overhead virtualization with 99.999 per cent availability and faster, easier patching

Britehouse Oracle private cloud services deliver versatility, efficiency, and digital security.

If you don't have the in-house expertise to develop and manage a private cloud, our fully-managed private cloud will give you increased agility while reducing both cost and execution risk.

Our cloud supercluster gives you every possible technology option and the Britehouse Oracle team can help you at any stage of your cloud journey.

For instance, our Private CaaS offering layers the capabilities of our public cloud hosting platform onto dedicated hardware to provide you with a secure and segmented hosting environment that's isolated from the rest of the public cloud.  

Our Hosted Private CaaS service is a dedicated cloud IaaS offering that provides on-demand, self-service, pay-for-use access and control of virtual servers, storage, and networking. It is hosted within a Dimension Data data centre.  It includes enterprise-class security, controls, and performance guarantees, as well as a REST-based API for easy integration into back-end systems, enterprise system management tools, or third-party cloud applications.

Our Managed Cloud Platform is an architecture that allows us to deliver high levels of automation and orchestration.

There's more.

Data centres: The data centre market is entering a period of unprecedented transition. With this shift come a number of significant – and perhaps surprising – changes. Smaller, enterprise-owned data centres are shrinking in size. At the other end of the scale, mega-facilities continue to grow.

Either way, there is a pressing need to evolve and optimise data centre environments to set the stage for a smooth transition to the cloud. We'll work with you to create an efficient and agile IT infrastructure that enables you to deliver optimally automated and responsive business services.

Using our Data Centre Development Model, we undertake a thorough assessment of all the critical domains associated with a successful data centre transformation and – more importantly – help you ascertain which are most relevant to your business and its strategic goals.

Virtualisation: Making the 'physical to virtual' shift is a critical first step in the journey to the cloud. We'll assist you in virtualising the infrastructure and business applications that run in your data centre.

Network: If you've set your sights on the cloud, a thorough assessment of and appropriate investment in your network is critical. Ultimately, the user's cloud experience will be as good only as the transport layer. Our performance optimisation services can ensure that you get the network you need.