Oracle eBusiness Suite HCM

Using people as assets to create massive return on investment

Human Capital Management​​​

Modern human capital management is a mindset rather than a collection of processes and procedures. It acknowledges that people are not simply a means to an end. They are enablers – of the achievement of business objectives. They are improvers – of processes. They are managers – of systems and information. They are creators – of competitive edge.

​Treated as assets, people can show a massive return on investment.

Consequently, human capital management is a form of asset management that ensures that employees are engaged and, therefore, productive and committed.

However, achieving this utopia isn't easy. Nor does it come in a box with expensive, state of the art HCM systems from any vendor. It calls for carefully planned alignment of people, process, and technology.

Britehouse is expert at such alignment.

We know that people who choose to work with people are seldom technology savvy. Also, because they work with the so-called soft skills, they rarely take a linear, objective approach to their work. So, our consultants are selected for their special blend of technical understanding and human empathy, ensuring their ability to walk you down the road of effective HCM.

Our long experience in HCM tells us that success starts with planning, not with deciding on what hardware to buy or where to put it. Or, even, what software vendors to choose and what modules to buy.

The first step must be to understand, by mapping your businesses processes, what it is that your HCM system will need in order to enable your employees to meet your business objectives.

We use Nimbus Control to give you a library of usable documents. This equips you to select the right technology solution for your needs. It also helps you begin the journey of engaging your workforce, because they feel part of your future.

In addition, understanding how your HCM solution needs to support your strategy will enable you to assess Oracle HCM's relevance to your organisation. It is the market leader, as are we, at Britehouse. So, on paper, we and Oracle are your best option. But, with the Nimbus Control results in front of you, you can make a realistic rather than a theoretical choice.

Implementing an HCM system is not something you leave to a consulting house. It is a partnership between your business and ours in which it is our job to help you make tough decisions about the solution. Your needs must be met but without customising what is a best practice system. Our solid technical knowledge makes that possible.