Oracle eBusiness Suite Supply Chain Management

Oracle's Supply Chain Management suite is perfect to integrate all of your ecommerce technologies into one, to provide effecient and professional services

​Supply Chain Management​

Inherently, supply chain management touches on most of the other activities, systems, and processes within an organisation and, externally, within the extended value chain. As just one example, if you have an ecommerce site, then an Enterprise Content Management solution will provide opportunities to systematise paper document flows across the supply chain.

So, if you're wanting to implement the Oracle eBusiness Suite Supply Chain Management offerings, your best option is to work with a partner that is steeped in every aspect of Oracle's enterprise capabilities – from Oracle Financials and HCM to Business Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management - and has applied this knowledge and insight across multiple industry verticals.

This ensures that you get all the efficiencies that are possible as information moves up and down your supply chain and throughout your business. You also need a partner who can help you fully exploit Oracle's Automated and Integrated Supply Chain Management Applications, which are based on a single data model in order to guarantee accurate and timely access to information.

Britehouse is that partner.

Our Oracle customers include most of South Africa's blue chip companies. We remain at the forefront of the Oracle community through representation at a range of events across the globe, including the Open World and Collaborate Conferences in the United States of America. We actively participate in the South African Oracle User Group (SAOUG). Our consultants follow the certification tracks prescribed by Oracle Corporation and deliver training at Oracle University.

We're as expert at providing supply chain management solutions to large multi-nationals, using Oracle's world class project management methodologies, as we are at deploying rapid solutions to smaller organisations, using Oracle's Accelerate methodology. In fact, we were the first accredited Accelerate and Oracle Business Accelerators partner in South Africa.

So, from supply and production to demand – and a combination of all three disciplines - we'll get you to your preferred position in the least time at least cost.