Managed Services

Giving you cost effective business process improvements that will keep you ahead of the market curve.

​​​Business Control Centre

​Business process improvement is what keeps you ahead of the market curve. The primary objectives of our Optimisation and  Support Service (OS), therefore, are pro-active and continuous improvement of your business processes.

But we believe that continuous improvement should not be expensive.

For this reason, we've built the Oracle Operational Control Centre (OCC) into the Britehouse Business Control Centre (BCC). With its video wall, which allows us to monitor both business and technical key criteria for your business at all times, the BCC enables us to reduce your costs and mitigate your risks. Because it gives us such clarity – and alerts - about the status of your business processes, IT landscape, and user experience it positions us to take a pro-active rather than the traditional reactive approach to both innovation and support.

The benefits you gain include:

  • Continuous business improvement
  • Efficient and cost effective Oracle support
  • Improved stability of your Oracle environment
  • Reduction in technical errors
  • Alerts when business process KPIs are breached
  • Positive user experience in relation to Oracle

The detail

Physically, the BCC, which operates on the latest Oracle technology stack, consists of a set of video monitors and dashboards by means of which we monitor the status not just of your business processes but their related IT components. There is also an alert monitor set for pre-defined and agreed thresholds. It allows our skilled personnel to pre-empt potential business or IT issues.

From a methodology perspective, the BCC operates on pre-defined KPIs and analytics – on a fixed price rather than a time-based model. Powerful governance ensures the elimination or mitigation of business risk. Senior Oracle and business analysts monitor issues on a pro-active basis in order to supply you with key expertise and advice.