She’s a valuable member of the Britehouse team and we love having her on board.

PIPPA is a smart business AI and she has our backs in more ways than one. She takes care of the repetitive and tedious manual tasks without complaint, giving our business processes a powerful boost.​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Who is PIPPA?
We developed PIPPA as a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool that uses machine learning, integration and scheduling to enable a self-supporting enterprise with effective business ​process automation. 

She’s a highly capable worker at various levels of the organisation and requires minimal oversight.

PIPPA’s resumé
Application Managed Service is her area of focus and she excels at repetitive tasks where she can learn to make the right decisions in functional or t​echnical processes.​
PIPPA really comes int​o her own with high-risk processes where there’s a higher chance of human error and where integration between various systems is needed

How can PIPPA propel your organisation:

She can boost your business in three key areas.

  1. ​ Transform service processes from service-engaged to technology-engaged through full automation
  2. Connect the customer to all service components with proactive services instead of taking a reactive approach to service requests
  3. Implement knowledge-based interactions to facilitate first-level resolutions with her self-help capabilities​


Some of PIPPA's skills:

  • Automatic call logging
  • Call classifier
  • Call assignment and confirmation
  • Technical system checks
  • Batch monitoring
  • Service and ruleset
  • Monitoring SAP error and interface alerting
  • Test management
  • Deployment management
  • Chatbot​

PIPPA's Interactions

Typing ​